SK was built and carefully formulated by our founder and CEO Salma Karolia. Salma’s passion in cosmetics and obsession with quality is key to everything that we do. This is the reason we like to ensure that all our products and packaging meet our minimum standards which are proudly presented below.

Against Animal Testing

We aim to provide bold, vibrant and quality products without harming a pup in the process. Our quality team ensure we source the best products, use the best cosmologists in the world to create the award winning products without harming a fly. We support the global ban to animal testing campaign.

So how do we test our products is what you are probably thinking…

Well we test all our products in laboratories at various extensive levels. Our Lab testing experts firstly use laboratory produced skin which is grown from human skin cells. This allows us to check reaction levels on sensitive skins and is great without having to harm a person or animal. Once this is complete we then patch test on actual people. Salma herself and the team is the first to trail these as you can imagine!

Environmentally friendly

Our approach is ensuring that our products, packaging and the environment in which we work from are eco-friendly at all times. All our products are vegan, Cruelty-free and friendly. A lot of our packaging is already recycled and also in turn recyclable again. Although we are not 100% recyclable we can assure you we are working on this.

We source all our paper and card packaging from a supplier who has promised to plant a tree with each of our order. more information on this van be available from contacting us at

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